Ride Safely in a City

For anyone, cycling in a city can be intimidating at first. After all with traffic conditions, a mishap such as falling or being hit is high. However by following a few simple rules will have you maneuver as well as any resident in cities such as London, New York, Amsterdam and San Francisco safely.city

Here are some tips to follow that will ensure your cycling adventure is both safe and exciting:

Wear a helmet

Besides being mandatory in many cities, wearing a helmet is the number one rule for biking safety period.  Chances are without one; the injuries sustained if in an accident will be more serious.

Ride in a straight line
It’s easy to fall into the trap of zigzagging in order to beat traffic or get to a destination faster, but it can be harmful. Changes can happen in an instance on the road whether it’s a car turning or rushing through a light. In addition, make sure you go with the direction of the traffic.

Be known

Being on the right hand side at a red stop signal tends to be a blind spot to an auto left of you. Move up slight so the stopped driver can see you. Many an accident has occurred when the light changes and the driver makes a right-hand turn, he/she may not have seen you. traffic-lights-242323_640

Use hand signals
City streets are always congested, and drivers of autos and bikes must always be altered to what the other person plans to do.  Whether changing lanes or making a turn always uses the appropriate hand signals. By doing so, helps alerts other drivers and fellow cyclists to see which direction you are going to.

Avoid car doors

One of the biggest accidents that occur in the city tends to be those of a stationary vehicle involved. Ride at least 4 feet away from any parked cars. An  unexpected parked auto driver opening their doors to get out can certainly knock a bicyclist to the ground with ease.

 Don’t be distracted
Listening to music might be fine in the open country but one must be alert at all times in the city. Also, remember to never use a cell phone or text while biking. Stop and pull over to the side to answer a call.

Dealing with flats

A flat tire can happen just as well in the city as in a country environment, and if the happens, you need to be fast to rectify the situation. First you have to get off the road because traffic will always be on the move. However, trying to change a flat on a busy pedestrian sidewalk is not a picnic either. PatchNRide has the ultimate solution for a flat, In one minute’s time you will be back on the road thanks to their innovative and permanent tire fix and ride safely.

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