Destinations for Bike Tours 2014

One of the best ways to take advantage of a favorite pastime of riding a bike is on vacation. There are bike tours available that will suit cyclists of every level of ability. Regardless if one is a novice or a hardcore extreme cyclist, there are truly exceptional vacation destinations that focus on personal, one-on-one contact and offers settings never experience before.


One can theoretically see the entire world on a bike.  All that is needed is to bring your own bicycle or rent one and start pedaling. Once you experience being out of doors in new surroundings, you´ll keep coming back for more and gain a whole new appreciation for your two-wheeling hobby.

While a lone tour can be a one way to get and find some peace, guided bike tours are gaining popularity , especially in out-of-the-ordinary regions. These types of tours are well worth taking to see historic landmarks and learn interesting details about them with an unforgettable up close view.

There are hundreds of tours available, and you can obtain information with a variety of sources, including bicycling magazines and specialist websites.

If you belong to a bike club, they should have information readily available about upcoming group tours or at least do the legwork for you as well as answer vital questions pertaining to a destination or tour.

The consensus of bike riders states that the following three locations are the popular choices for pedaling in 2014.

Northwest Spain


Spain’s “Camino de Santiago” is a route that has been used for thousands of years for a pilgrimage and now a haven for bike trips both organized and on-your-own.  Travel to Santiago de Compostela from the Atlantic coast and discover the architecture of large cities, countryside and tiny villages and spanning panoramic views while riding.

Prince Edward Island, Canada


A portion of Trans Canada Trail runs through Prince Edward Island from Tignish to Elmira. Known as ‘The Confederation Trail,’ there are 250 miles of outstanding crushed stone that creates a smooth surface for cycling. Prince Edwards Island can be done individually without a guide. There is a selection of well-situated accommodations along the route to stop off for the night.



Vietnam is huge yet cyclists in the know have been raving about its potential for years. Prearrange an organized or open group tour that is tailored made to discover the sights and sounds in the Southeast nation.  Guides specialized in all parts of Vietnam, and your choice can be anyone of these areas such as the Sapa Mountain area, Red River Delta and Mekong Delta.

On any organized tour, always choose a well suited bike for the terrain and surfaces that you will be riding on, as well. Practice for a few weeks before leaving departing and make sure you are in good physical condition.

Even though tour guides carry a repair kit, it is a good idea to bring a few essentials on your own in case of emergencies and also if you decide to on your own.  One item not to leave home without, whether on vacation or just touring the neighborhood park, is PatchNRide’s instant in-a-minute tire fix.

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