Riding Trails in the Big Sur Region


There are many trails to experience in the U.S. for budding and experienced bikers. One region not to miss the chance for a ride is at Fort Ord National Monument, Monterey and Big Sur in California.  There are many trails and types of terrain in this area that range in comfort from beginners to experts. Here are some of the trails to try when in the area by experience. Not only will you have an enjoyable ride but the vistas provide excellent photo opportunities.


Novice Riders

Fort Ord National Monument

A good starting point for novice and first time bikers to try is the trail that is from Castroville to Pacific Grove. Also known as the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, this trail is far away from traffic, and the most popular segments are sections between Fisherman’s Wharf to Lovers Point. There are plenty of sights to see along this route including the breathtaking views of the Monterey Bay, the Coast Guard Bay and the famous Cannery Row. Families with young children can often be seen biking in this area.

Another area for beginners is the Parker Flats Loop, which allows bikers to try out different terrains. It also has many short steep hills to test the endurance as well as flat areas if one needs a break from all the excitement. As the name suggests, this track goes in a looping pattern and lasts about 5 miles. Families often use this spot as a relaxing location, as well.

Intermediate Riders

2Fort Ord National Monument

Although it is slightly more advanced than the other spots, the 17-Mile Drive is one of the most popular trails in Fort Ord. The reason for this might be the truly unforgettable sight of Pebble Beach. During the springtime, one might even have a chance of seeing harbor seals and their pups. However, one should make sure to be extra careful on this trip as there is no bike lane, meaning that you would have to ride out with the cars and other vehicles in traffic. If you want to avoid traffic, try to make the trip early in the morning.

Advance Riders


This one is for experts only and for those who have managed to master the skill of biking. You will be rewarded with a wonderful journey of traveling on US Highway 1 through the Big Sur. Hundreds of bikers go down this historic route every day.  US Highway 1 has been noted as being one of the best biking trips known as the State Scenic Highway. It is recommended that you should get out early in the morning to avoid the many motor homes that dot this trail.

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