Looking for your First Mountain Bike

The excitement of mountain biking is overwhelming and is gaining popularity all the time. Like everything else, it becomes more pleasurable if you have the right equipment.


Deciding on which is the ‘right’ bike for you always depends on several aspects. Questions that need to be answered are how often do you ride, what type of mountain terrain you do ride in regularly and how much can you afford?

Full Suspension vs. Front Suspension


This means choosing between a front suspension bike that includes only a shock absorber on the front wheel, and a full suspension bike which contains shock absorbers on both wheels.

Surprisingly, this is one time where less is more.

Biking trails in higher elevations can range from flat to long steep climbs. A full suspension bike becomes difficult to when the terrain contains steep and long climbs.

A front suspension bike tends to perform better in climbs than a full suspension one and is due to simple physics. When ascending up a sharp rise with a mountain bike, most of the force is placed on the rear wheel.

A full suspension bike takes a much greater amount of energy to ascend to any higher plateau of a hill or mountain incline.  Although many full suspension bikes do allow you to lock the rear suspension, this becomes cumbersome to do it every time before you climb any hills.

However, if you tend to prefer more technical downhill riding or ride in locations without a lot of steep climbs, you might want to reconsider the choice of your mountain bike. When landing with a full suspension bike, the landing will be smoother since the front and rear shocks absorb the impact.



Not only do you have to take into account where and how you will be riding, but also the size of the budget you have allocated towards your purchase.  Front suspension bikes are usually much less in cost than their full suspension counterparts. Having a rear shock absorber does add quite a bit to the price tag, since it is a more complicated system.

Final considerations


Either suspension bike type can ride on most trails with perhaps some extra added endurance needed.  Your ultimate decision is a matter of preference. But remember to keep in mind some of these hints when purchasing your mountain bike.

Even though the tires of mountain bikes are thicker and durable to the vast types of terrains they ride over, there is still always the chance of a flat. PatchNRide allows you not to miss the thrill of your ride by their innovative less than 60 second tire fix that is permanent. Remember always to have it on-hand with all your other biking equipment.

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