Safety Tips for Novice Riders

Although these tips are for new recreational riders, many can be used as a refresher even for the most experience. We all tend to get complacent on the road but these tips should be taken seriously at all times.

The road less traveled
One of the biggest blunders that new riders make when heading out on the urban trail is to take the identical route they used when they drive an auto.  It is normally beneficial to take various streets that carry fewer and slower traffic conditions.  Even though the rules of the road state that cyclists have the ‘right of way’ while traveling about, that’s a pitiful consolation when you’re hurt in a traffic accident.  Learn the routes well, and find alternative ways to get to most places, with only coming in contact with the busiest streets by crossing them rather than riding on them.

Leave the multimedia toys packed away
As the relaxing fun activity that riding a bike can be, you still have to maintain 100% of at least five of the senses at all times. Once you are on the road, you have immediately increased your risk factor. The fewer the distractions you have when riding, the better off you will be. Leave the headphone off because you need to hear what is going on around you. Forget texting someone while riding as your hands need to be on the handlebars.

Lights are a must
Many night-time cyclists have been seen riding without lights. There is no excuse as bike shops have rear red blinkies for less than a few cafe lattes at Starbucks.  Remember that the headlights are just as important.  In case you are unaware, the headlights of today use LED’s that are excellent on battery lifespan. The old excuse that the batteries ran out no longer applies.

Don’t surprise the motorists by sudden variations in your riding.  As advanced as today’s bicycles are, there still have not been equipped with electronic signals. If you are preparing to turn left or right or even stop, let the drivers on the road know in advance what your plan is by using the proper hand signals.

Be prepared

Always be ready for the unexpected such as a flat tire. Make sure that you bring along PatchNRide on any jaunt. If the dreaded flat occurs, you can fix it permanently in less than a minute.

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