Bike Tour This Summer


Bike tours are a great way to see the country as opposed to zooming by in a car or over in a plane. The price is often less than other travel options. Organizing for your adventure should be done with a package tour and can be located almost anywhere in the world. Self planned tours whether alone for some soul searching solitude is best left for the more experience rider.

The most outstanding destination tours for cyclists normally will focus on personal, one-on-one contact and will offer a bike setting that is structured with the premise of being environmentally-aware.

Seek out all inclusive bike tours

There are guided tours that range in all price points.  An all inclusive trip from the starting point of the journey to the end is best for most, especially novices. For this classification of journeying set your budget and search away. Whether the Pacific Coast in California, the Grand Canyon  or in to Maine, it will all come together for a great trip.
Pricing varies and the type of journey you undertake will depend on the budget. Read the bicycling magazines or visit a local bike club or bike shop or do a web search for upcoming bike tours in the U.S. These resources will reveal specifically thousand’s of options available for all skills and in all price ranges.

Ask questions

Inquire if the tour operator provides substitute bikes, if a mechanic is always on call in case of breakdowns and is a guide joins in the entire trip to enlighten you with all the tid-bits about the points of interests you are riding past. Other options to consider in the ideal organized bike tour are if it includes meals and accommodations for each evening.

Pack essential items
Whether you take a guided tour or choose to be your own guide, take a few short overnight weekend trips in the months ahead before the big trip. This helps to plan what gear is needed or what might make a trip more enjoyable. Bring along your iPad, a journal and other essentials such as sunscreen, water or PatchNRide. Try to travel light.

PatchNRide is the less than a minute flat tire fix that will allow you to keep pedaling on your vacation. Don’t leave home without it.

Planning is crucial. Now is the time to decide when and where and then research the different tour operators.  Once you get your feet pedaling, you could always venture for the more exotic next year.


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