Wisconsin is a Hidden Jewel for Bikers


There are a great many places in the Northern Hemisphere and one state many riders overlook but is exceptional for the cyclist is Wisconsin. The beautiful state stands above most by its natural scenery of lakes, forests and open land.
rustic road
With all its lush landscape, Wisconsin provides an experience for the cyclist that is extraordinary. The League of American Bicyclists has repeatedly listed Wisconsin as one of the “top bicycling destinations in the nation.” Since nature has favored Wisconsin with its rustic roads tinged with a whisper of wilderness, The Rustic Roads was founded in 1973. The system was devised by the State Legislature in an endeavor to preserve the country roads and leave them open for the pleasure of bikers and hikers.

There are 101 special country lanes allocated as Rustic Roads. Each one professes an unprecedented appeal from their glacier-carved counties in the southerly portion of the state to northerly region’s lake districts.  Just in one day, up to four rustic roads can be accomplished by the average rider.
All of them are easy day trips that you can take from Madison and Milwaukee.

Speaking of Madison, the city alone has 275 miles of paved bike paths for enjoyment.  Cycling has become the most prevalent form of transportation in the city. Besides it availability, it is impressive on how the city feels towards their riders also.  The bike paths get swept and plowed ahead of the roads during any winter snowfall.

Bike riding has been highlight by Madison’s tourism board and continues to pitch it nationally as a great place to race a bicycle. Each summer, Madison holds the USA Cycling Amateur & Para-cycling Road National, which races in and out of the city. As in recent years, the scheduled event for 2014 will feature the nation’s most competitive bike racing tournament of road racing and time trialing. Among the participants made up of amateurs and para-cyclists, they are seeking their distinction by winning the Stars-and-Stripes jersey.
The National in Madison is a prelude for riders to gain experience and fame that may have them become future American pro team riders. Their performance can determine whether than can go further and are prepared to compete in key world celebrated competitions such as the Tour de France or even the  Olympics. Catch the event with Juniors, U23 and elites representing all of the U.S. in Madison, Wisconsin from July 2nd to the 6th.

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