PatchNRide is Now on Indiegogo

Do you Indiegogo?


PatchNRide is thrilled to announce that they do. The funding from the campaign on-line has helped introduce their business venture by providing a wonderful, new and innovative that is destined to be the well-known name to those who bike for leisure or professionally.
So what is Indiegogo?

It is one of the earliest and arguably, the best-known site for crowd funding. Crowd funding is when a group raises money for causes, products or jump starts to get off the ground floor a product or person who needs to be promoted or person seeking to be promoted.

It was first developed in the year 2008 by Danae Ringelmann, Slava Rubin and Eric Schell in an attempt to assist anyone with their ideas and raise funds. Any business will instantly be scaled upward, and Indiegogo connects that business, product or person to thousands of others through social networking.

Indiegogo and their website have also built up a positive reputation for being user friendly as well as a high quality and informative customer support. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone to make their dreams come true so go out there and see what happens.

Previous success stories include building the Nikola Tesla Museum in Wardenclyffe, and a project called Solar Roadways. Now PatchNRide is reaching out to millions of visitors worldwide with much success through Indiegogo.

What is PatchNRide?
PatchNRide is the less than 60 second flat tire fix that allows no downtime in enjoyment while biking. It eliminates wasted time in changing a flat. In fact, no change is necessary since PatchNRide makes that fix permanent.
Whether you are a casual, competitive or mountain biker, you can be climbing, cruising or descending once again within minutes. Check PatchNRide out on Indiegogo and see instructional videos and reviews as to what a ground-breaking product it is. See why it is necessity to own. PatchNRide is thrilled to be a part of the crowd funding scene and already is placing a sold-out sign in some categories.


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