How to Buy a Bike


Bicycling these days has made a comeback. It’s environmentally friendly and great for exercise.  However, if seeking new bike, it can be very difficult to pick the right one that is a fit. With so many varieties and types available to purchase as well as essential accessories, it’s clear that just buying the bike can be as exhausting as riding it. The bicycle has come a long way since its basic form as a way to get around.


Decide Your Needs

Bike Buying
Begin to contemplate on what use you need in a bike and how often are you going to use it. If one needs a bicycle to get to and from the office, they wouldn’t use a mountain bike. BMXs might not be the best choice for usage if the bicycle is being used for recreational purposes. Bicycles can be personalized in order to suit the customer’s needs, and many of the custom features come with the bike. Bicycles are no longer one size fits all and they can be customized to suit specific needs.


A smart move before purchasing the bike is to do your homework by researching. There are thousands of specialist bicycling magazines available that inform one all about different types of bikes, including their features. There are many websites with detailed information and even special clubs and Internet forums that allow one to share their experience. Biking can sometimes be a social activity and eventually the best way to learn about biking is going to a local cycling club. The members are more than willing to share their opinions of all the bikes and manufacturers in the marketplace.

Be Realistic with Budget

buy a bike
Once you have your heart set on the type of bike that meets your needs, the next step to take into account is your budget. Bicycles can widely vary in prices from a hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. However, some bike companies offer a discount to seniors, military or those in law enforcement so keep your eyes peeled for those specials. Make sure that money is put aside for essential items such as helmets, knee pads and other things such as PatchNRide. Nevertheless, these add-on features can escalate the cost.

Test Run and Compare

test run
There’s only one more thing to do before purchasing a bike: a test ride. When on the test ride, listen carefully for any strange noises emitting from the bike. An example of this would be squeaky brakes or a grinding sound. Pay close attention to how the bike handles as well as the response time of the brakes. If something seems wrong, choose another style.

Compare the bike you want at a number of stores and then head to their on-line websites. By doing so might keep you below your budget. Frequently these retailers have sales on-line that are not found in their stores. Some retailers offer free shipping.

After every step here, you are ready to purchase and begin your cycle regime.

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