Dealing with Uphill Climbs

One thing that seems to put individuals off riding their bikes and  placing them away in their garage instead, is when dealing with uphill climbs.
Uphill biking
Let’s face it, even the most flat terrains can have a hill or two thrown in, while some regions are nothing but inclines. For someone who may not have been cycling for long, an ascent and descent can be a little daunting. The only way you’re going to improve your performance is to ride your bike more.

Address this with vigor and never avoid those inconvenient bumps and bulges on the roads again. You can take over the road no matter the incline that lies in front of you. You might be tempted to get off the bike when you meet a hill and walk instead, but doing so, will never have you make it to the top while cycling.

The main thing to remember is there are gears in a bicycle for a reason. The gears you use will depend upon the length of the climb and its steepness. The same scenario applies when descending.


Only you can make it easier or harder to pedal according to the terrain you are on. Fight the trend to keep shifting gears as the gradient increases. Keep to a gear that enables your rhythm to remain intact and what is most comfortable for you. It takes practice to familiarize yourself with the ‘right’ gear to pedal up that hill without losing your balance or by going too slow.

Ideally, you want to be sitting down when you’re climbing a hill, especially if it is a long ascent. Standing up is inefficient and will tire you out faster. If you do need to stand up to stretch, rock from side to side and try to keep the bike going in a straight line.

To master any hill with less exertion, the best possibility is to keep the weight down. The less you weigh, the simpler it is to ascend up the highest of gradients. Weight also applies to the type of bike equipment being used. A feather-light bike frame and wheels make it much easier to climb up hills.

With training, practicing with your gears, having the right bike and keeping fit, you’ll be mounting elevations with enthusiasm in no time. Just sustain your focus and never avoid them again.

Uphill climbing

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