DYI Bicycle Maintenance Tips for the Wheels

Bike month

In many ways, bike technology has progressed as has the capability for the average person to DYI repairs to their bikes. Almost all the specialty tools and gear are obtainable at the tool department or the bike accessory rack of the local department store. There may be a couple of optional specialty tools to purchase, and to do so you will need to go to a sporting goods store or a bike shop. Bicycle maintenance sounds daunting but has never gotten easier. Especially with the parts of the bike that takes the most abuse – the wheels.


Nothing will end an anticipated day of riding quicker than a flat tire or a bent rim. In both cases, the repairs can be made done in the field.

So the first things to include in your tool bundle when on the road are the spoke wrench, a bungee cord and PatchNRide.

A bent rim is common when riding. Bumps and potholes will throw a wheel out of ‘true,’ causing it to rub on the brakes and making it difficult to pedal.

If it seems to be a minor alignment issue, with a little practice, you can fix it yourself.


•    First you need to have a spoke wrench. This is a small ring shaped tool with a notch in it that fits on the top of the spoke. Make sure you obtain the best wrench available and avoid attaining one that is cheap.
•    Turning a spoke wrench counterclockwise will loosen the spoke and clockwise tighten them.
•    Use the bungee cords to suspend the bent rim end of the bike in the air so it can’t move. Utilize a nearby tree branch, railing, swing set, etc. for support.
•    Rotate the wheel up to the point where one touches the brake.
•    The spoke closest to the brake should be loosened a turn at a time.
•    The two opposing spokes get tightened a turn.
•    Afterwards double check if the rim spins freely and make any adjustments if  is it does not.
•    Never leave spokes too loose and over tightening can snap them.

If the bend is severe don’t even bother trying to fix it, take it to a professional. Truing a rim incorrectly can damage it worse. But most of the time you will find that with a little practice minor truing is within your range of abilities.

For a flat tire, nothing can be easier than always carting PatchNRide. There’s no need to change a tire anymore as PatchNRide does just that. It fixes a flat in less than a minute, thus achieving a permanent solution for you.


PatchNRide is the ultimate solution for any flat tire. In just 30 seconds, with completing its trouble-free process, you can continue on with your ride.

It is as simple as that.

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